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Just what is the Boilermakers union?

We’re an elite membership of skilled craftsmen and women and industrial workers, trained and committed to stand apart as the best. We’re the choice for workers who want an innovative, forward-thinking union that looks out for its members today and tomorrow. And we’re the choice for owners, contractors and other employers who want to get the job done right—on time, within budget and safely. Every time.

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While most people today recognize Labor Day as the official end of summer, celebrating with burgers on the grill and a Frisbee flying overhead, the holiday’s beginnings were solely focused on working class solidarity. In the late 1800s, workers had little power. It was the wealthy business owners of the Gilded Age that held authority. While some workers’ salaries grew during the period, many were left in poverty working long hours for little pay. Child slavery and indentured child servitude existed openly as they had since the advent of the Industrial Revolution up to the 1930s.